My experience with Audrey has been truly amazing. She has gone above and beyond what I would have ever expected from a nutritionist. She listened to me and all my concerns and issues, I mean she REALLY listened. She gave me immediate input and even guided me in the right direction to help me solve the hormone problems I was having. No doctor has helped me like she has. The rest of my visits with her have been incredible.

Candy Reilly

I feel great about myself and I owe my newfound confidence to Audrey! In just a few weeks, I went from sluggish and out of shape to high energy during the day and sleeping better at night. I had lost 8 pounds and a few inches off my waist within those first few weeks. Now, three months after my start date, I've lost 15 pounds and down 2-3 sizes. The best part is that it doesn't feel like a diet! I am just a healthier eater. I am truly amazed at how I do not crave the foods that I used to. My work and personal life have flourished as a result of my work with Audrey! I highly recommend meeting with her!

Patty Bain

Meeting Audrey was the best thing that has happened to myself and my husband as far as getting and staying healthy! Audrey’s knowledge and advice is second to none.  She has given me the tools and insight to continue on my journey to look and feel fantastic while encouraging others to do the same.

Maria Schulze

Audrey gave us great advice and tips. She is so positive, kind and understanding. My husband Dan and I have been seeing Audrey for over three months now. I am so excited and proud to say that Dan has lost over 30 pounds, and I have lost 16 pounds. But the most important thing is we feel great!! We know that this is a lifestyle changing experience, and one that we want to continue on. With Audrey’s continued help and support we know we can do it.

Margaret Hurley

I was so happy. Audrey taught me how to eat and to live a healthier lifestyle. I lost 140 lbs and 6 pant sizes. Audrey is great! She is Yoda! I could not have done it without her.


I had been suffering from itchy inflamed rashes all over my upper body, which wasn’t resolving after several months of trying different treatments prescribed by a dermatologist. I also had issues with food allergies that could not be pinpointed by allergy testing. I sought out the help of Audrey as she was a work colleague of my mom and knew she could give me excellent guidance on how to try to fix my skin and allergy issues by changing my diet. I have had to make a real lifestyle change to continue with a healthy diet and my skin issues have not come back.  I also generally feel better and have more energy.  I had been eating poorly and all the toxins from the food I was eating was manifesting as skin and allergy problems.  Although I originally did the diet to fix my skin issues, an added benefit to sticking with the diet is that I have lost almost 15 lbs.

Elspeth Beauchamp

I recently went for my yearly blood work and physical. Was I in for a shock??!! My doctor said that I was a borderline diabetic, needed to start insulin treatment right away! He had suggested that I see a nutritionist and set me on a new diet that would help with my blood levels. We made a deal, I would see a nutritionist and come back in three months for more blood work and see where the numbers are then.

My wife and I called Audrey and she set up a new diet for us both of us, as it would be easier for me to diet if we both did it. When I went back three months later for blood work and a visit with the doctor he was very surprised and happy! I was no longer a borderline diabetic. The blood numbers were very good and I was 30 pounds lighter.

I would recommend Audrey to anyone that needs to work on health issues or just wants to live a longer and heather life!

Thank you Audrey!!

Larry B.

I have been working with Audrey for the past year; she has been a major asset to my personal health and fitness goals. She is keenly devoted to her work, while always being a real person. Audrey is always there with the latest nutritional information and recipes to help me along the way. I have lost a total of 85 pounds. I now know how to make smart decision and eat healthy. With Audrey’s assistance I have finally made a total life style change to benefit my personal health. With losing a significant amount of weight and eating healthier I no longer suffer from chronic acid reflux or arthritis pain. I have no hesitation in recommending Audrey Hall for any of your personal nutritional needs.

Donna Fox

There is nothing I have tried that works this well and is a very healthy way of losing weight. You get your insides healthy while your outside gets slimmer. I am no longer required to take blood pressure meds. I have always suffered with Acid Reflux but for the first time since I began working with Audrey, I haven’t had reflux in over a month WITHOUT the use of MEDS!! My cholesterol has dropped to a normal level. But the biggest thing - I was a borderline diabetic. Now I am well within normal levels.

All my life I have struggled with a weight issue. So many attempts, so many short-term successes and then POW! I am worse than when I started! Then along came an angel named Audrey. I am 70-lbs lighter. Audrey and her programs are unlike all the others; they make sense and they won’t break the bank! They are very easy to follow. Each phase is customized to fit your personal, physical, and medical needs. Audrey is always available and checks in with you often to see if you have any questions or having issues.

Tony Vallone

Ever since I can remember, I've struggled with my weight.  I've tried every new fad diet known; counted points, and even ate meals from a box! With all these approaches I had some success; but managed to gain the weight back and more!  None of the programs addressed the core issue, only the symptom.  

Audrey's approach has been clearly the most effective.  She takes the time to educate, coach, and encourage you along the way.  Her philosophy is to make you healthy from the inside!  With Audrey's guidance, I don't have sugar or carb cravings; and have never felt more focused and healthy in such a short period of time.  

I am convinced, that this time will be different and that I will lose the weight and keep it off!  Audrey is a consummate professional; knowledgeable, and I look forward to our one-on-one sessions!

Marianne Scaffidi

The simplicity of the program and the additional support of Audrey Hall made this process very easy to stay on track. Audrey’s enthusiasm and true belief in the value of this program is a credit to our success. Our experience with this program has taught us about eating well, learning how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and the importance of what we put into our bodies and how it affects every system.

Elizabeth & Jason

I am in my mid-30s and have Cerebral Palsy. I have been on medication and treatments for most of my life, taking an assortment of pain medication and muscle relaxers. When I went to meet with Audrey, one of the things that I wanted to do was to relieve some of the pain and cut back on the medications I was taking. I was also having a lot of stomach issues that I couldn’t get rid of, and it was making it difficult to eat. She put together my new diet plan, integrating a lot of natural vitamins, raw foods, seeds and nuts.

When she was setting up my plan, she took into account my work schedule and my food likes/dislikes, as well as opening my eyes to new foods I’ve never thought about eating before. After the first two weeks, I felt good enough to get off my medications because my pain was reduced so much. The first week was largely a detox and after that first week, I felt so much better! I lost 10lbs, was sleeping better and able to eat the things Audrey and I had discussed without feeling sick to my stomach.

Now I’m off ALL my prescription medications and any pill that I take is an all-natural supplement to a much better diet. I would recommend Audrey to anyone who is looking to get their body healthier, detoxed and lose weight in the process. She works great with all body types and issues while taking into consideration the diagnosis. In all, I’ve lost close to 20 lbs and more importantly – cleaned up my system from all the medications and processed junk.

Jen C.

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